04 Februari 2009

Virtue and Vices in Religion’s Concept

In all tradition of religion, of course, every religion has concept about good and bad that related on practice of religion. This measurement given by core of doctrine about truth claim that focused on religion. It is connected to concept’s Islam about concept of virtue and vices, Islam in several principle have view of it, like a verse said; ان الدين عند الله الاسلام (For God, Islam is the best religion). The verse justified a ultimate truth of other. This truth claim is going to result of truth relativism's view in other religions. The Assumptions based on no truth real except Islam Truth. This opinion is general view followed by people, including Indonesian's people.

Majority of Indonesian's people is Islam and their view is still traditionally. They used this claims as instrument to make wrong other religion existence. Ironically, if followers of religion have same view, so clash it will be done. And we have shown violence emerged by this religion's view, like Aceh, Poso, and other accident. The accident usually occurs where religion is instrument and element fundamental for conflict inter-religion society.

What we mush do right now? We must do how to this faith can make piece for other religions no misfortune for them. The truth in believing of religion, of course, have authoritative prerequisite for its religion. If religion has no this prerequisite so it will leave. But how to the truth too give a piece in heart and structure of society. And finally can help a safe, piece and secure world where pluralism hasn't to avoid and be war, but it became key word of tolerance of good religion's life.

Therefore, it is need now to develop dialogue of inter-religion in order to the truth understood more perfect and sufficient. We don't want the truth destroy other truths like someone believe in his religion. And if we believe that truth is on going process. So, the only way that we must be done is open-self for belief and faith concerned outside (other-religion).

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