04 Februari 2009

Understanding of Different Ways of Practical Religious

It is discussion about understanding of religious that appeals attention people to know called ultimate of reality; every one has different ways to it. However, of course, it is inner-characteristic of religious.

According to Marry Canon in his work, there is several ways in practical religion. That is, the sacred rite, the way of right action, the way of devotion, the way of shamanic mediation, the way of mystical quest, and the way of reasoned inquiry.
Canon shown sixth way is representative practical religious which done by people.
In religious life, sometimes we found personal experience of religious, like W. James' concept. It happened too for our experience when I have practiced my faith in Islam. Canon especially gives me a method to tell in which ways I include. Having experience concerned with understanding things, grasping how things fit together and why things are the way are, fist of all for oneself, but also for the sake of the other's understanding too. So, from the sixth ways, maybe in our opinion, I am the way of reasoned inquiry.

The Way of Reasoned Inquiry is focused, according to Canon, to rationality approach and thought to reality of things. The way begins to study sacred text of religion and results got in the past in related to describe essential being of things that for reason not only have questions before but also as starting point and guidance to understanding ultimate reality.

Sacred text as al Qur'an in Islam, has sense-hermeneutics that express a worldviews (weltanschauung). My belief in al Qur'an is same as ultimate reality itself. As a sacred book (kitabullah), for me, al Qur'an isn't only idea books (kitab ul-fikr) but also 'practical book' (kitab al 'amal). Hence it gives me inspiration to do anything rather than it regarded as mu'jizat who read finding reward.

My opinion above is based on historical al Qur'an itself. Al Qur'an became motivator strongest to make changing society. The changing happens because Qur'anic's ideas applied to process its changing. In other word, al Qur'an is practiced in pattern and behavior, so its sprit real in the world. There are any patterns neither Prophet Muhammad nor story described about it.

Therefore, my assumption have clear hermeneutical orientation, that is try to seek indication of problems cognitive's life, rational argumentation, and systematic and comprehensive worldview and finally to understanding ultimate reality.

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